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I am not able to not login. What can I do?

Send us an e-mail at

I can no longer find my Access ID to identify my vehicle.

Check with the dealer of your trust or the organization that connected your boat to the cloud.

Where can I find the standard apps for motorcycle owners 🏍️ from



Web App:

I need more information about the clickahoy / clickrider hardware.

clickahoy "seaborne" hardware information (FMC130): introduction_hardware_clickahoy_standard

clickahoy "pro" hardware information: introduction_hardware_clickahoy_pro

Where can I find the installation manuals for the clickahoy (boat) hardware devices?

clickahoy "seaborne" installation manual (DE): clickahoy_InstallationGuide_DE_V2_2

clickahoy "seaborne" installation manual (EN): clickahoy_InstallationGuide_EN_V2_1

clickahoy "pro / NMEA" installation manual (DE): clickahoy_PRO_InstallationGuide_DE_V2_2

clickahoy "pro / NMEA" installation manual (EN): clickahoy_InstallationGuide_EN_V2_1

How to install clickahoy "pro / NMEA" into an IP65 case (DE): clickahoyPro_Einbau_IP65Case_CF

How to install the landline connection (DE): LLVD_InstallationGuide_V2_de

clickahoy "seaborne version 2020" installation manual (DE): ctechnology_InstallationGuide_V3_DE

Where can I find the installation manuals for the clickrider (motorcycle) hardware devices?

clickrider "OBD" installation manual (DE): FMC001_InstallationGuide_DE_V1

clickrider "OBD" installation manual (EN): FMC001_InstallationGuide_EN_V1

clickrider "version 2020" installation manual (DE): RW_installationGuide