The buzz around "data-driven"

by Christian
An assessment by Roman Gardetskyi, Head of Global Partnerships

In 2024, the buzz around "data-driven" initiatives is louder than ever. Whether you're already leveraging data-driven strategies, have attempted to, or at least heard of their transformative potential, it’s clear that data is no longer just a competitive advantage it’s a necessity. If this concept is still foreign to you, it's time for a serious conversation.

Consider this: the top brands whose products you rely on daily have mastered the art of harnessing data. They use this data to continuously improve and personalise their offerings, delivering more value and better services on a regular basis. Sometimes, perhaps even the ones we don’t really need.

From usage behavioural patterns and maintenance insights to component lifecycle (EOL) and after-sales marketing and customer satisfaction, data is at the heart of it all. Without data, there's no fundamentals. Without fundamentals, well, you can finish the sentence yourself…

Hopefully by now, our beloved powersports manufacturers have realised that effective customer care, business decisions, marketing, and sales all hinge on data preferably real-time data. Ideally, this data should be instantly accessible to you, your partner network, and vehicle owners. This not only enables robust retrospective analysis and solid decision-making in the present but also provides a clear forecast for the future.

Here are some boring stats: companies leveraging real-time data analytics have seen up to a 20% increase in operational efficiency and a 25% boost in customer satisfaction. If the post from LI doesn’t sound convincing, check the article by Data Science Council of America

Now see for yourself how this works.