Connecting your vehicles and moving assets to the cloud

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Use our one-stop solution for professionals and enthusiasts of vehicles that are more than just a means of transport.

We provide easy-to-use, reliable and performant real-time ingestion, hosting, processing and analytics of your vehicle and moving assets data. All available via different apps as well as an API that is straightforward to use, provides flexible additional services, and makes data management a breeze.

For enthusiasts and professionals. Engineered in Switzerland.

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Enabling end-to-end solutions

A completely integrated platform for real-time vehicle data and moving assets intelligence

You pick the technologies you require to bring modern IoT to your vehicles and moving assets. Choose our sensors and IoT devices or use your own to securely connect to our cloud infrastructure. Select the processing and analytics modules you need for your business and your customers.

No matter how you build your application, you will beneift from a wealth of information and services via our ready-to-use apps or by integrating real-time analytics and services into your own applications via our API.

Connect your vehicles now

Sensor-equipped vehicles and moving assets

Use hardware to track your vehicles and interact with their onboard systems.

Or use your own connected hardware that communicates with the data processing backend. cloud and data processing pipeline

Choose the modules you require for processing your data and let the backend and processing pipeline generate real-time insights and intelligence for you.

Mobile and web dashboards

Use the mobile and web applications provided by to access insights, control your vehicles, and interact with your customers and the vehicle owners.

Or use the API to build your own applications on top of the outputs of the processing pipeline.

Connecting manufacturers, maintainers and vehicle owners

Custom-tailored to the needs of the actors in the mobility ecosystem

You know it best: A unique ecosystem of manufacturers, maintainers and owners that have to interact with each other, plan vehicle usage and maintenance, optimize transports and schedules, but may use their vehicles irregularly, like to customize and modify, share it with friends and family, love to remember trips and adventures, and want to stay up to date regarding the newest additions and products.

Our systems are specifically tailored with the needs of the actors of this "mobility triangle" in mind. Interactions become a breeze, maintenance can be planned remotely, exciting trips are extracted automatically and can be shared or stored for memory.

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Designed for developers

Powerful APIs for data and service management, insights and interactions

Your business case cannot be exactly covered by our end-to-end solutions? We got you covered. Pick what you need and leverage our powerful APIs to integrate our modular cloud system with your applications and existing software.

We know your needs, and we know you like to think out of the box. Contact us to realize your wildest dreams. The system is built to be easily extensible and can incorporate new elements in no time.

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> import requests
> requests.get("")
>>> {
>>>    "vehicle_id": 9642,
>>>    "longitude": 8.41353,
>>>    "latitude": 47.24542,
>>>    ...
>>> }
> requests.put("", 
>     { "name": "Tolle Sommerausfaht" })
>>> {
>>>    "trip_id": 85394,
>>>    "vehicle_id": 9642,
>>>    "name": "Tolle Sommerausfahrt",
>>>    "datetime_start": "2021-07-12T13:42:13+00:00",
>>>    "datetime_end": "2021-07-12T16:16:45+00:00",
>>>    ...
>>> }

Scaleable and Reliable

Built with cutting-edge technologies, embracing a technology-first approach

Scalability, reliability, and a high pace for new features are at the core of our systems. Covering the complete range from barebone and battle-tested hardware devices over rock-solid and scalable cloud systems to delightful, breezy user apps allows us to build highly optimized systems that are easily expandable.

We reliably ingest and process data of vehilces of numerous manufacturers and operators to streamline their business operations, cut expenses and provide added benefits to everyone in the ecosystem.


Starting small? Going big? No matter the scale of your fleet or the number of vehicles you manufacture, the cloud scales easily with your demands.


Offloading data ingestion, storage and processing into the reliable cloud frees you from having to worry about losing data or downtime due to unexpected events.


Using services means you continuously receive a stream of new additions and innovations. Our integration and deployment pipelines are working 24/7 to ensure features get shipped at a high pace.


Since we provide hardware, the low-level data ingestion and communication services, as well as data storage, processing and user-facing apps, we know all potential issues and usually have them covered before they affect your business.

Ready to kickstart the way you interact with your vehicles?

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Explore our off-the-shelf product lines clickahoy and clickrider, take a look at the services we offer, and contact us directly to discuss your business needs. We are happy to hear from you and help you build the next breakthrough in the mobility and vehicles market!

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