General terms and conditions

Subject of the contract

The company AG (CHE-384.751.094) is a technology provider of smart tracking devices for powersports. These terms and conditions describe the contractual relationship between the user, accepting these terms, and

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the user and in the use of the software (e.g. web-dashboard and mobile app).

Functionalities offered by

The company offers a smart tracking device which is produced by a partner and which is installed in the user’s vehicle.

The user has then access to sensor’s data recorded by the tracking device (e.g. fuel level, battery level, etc.) and can visualize his vehicle’s trips in the software provided by (e.g. web-dashboard and mobile app). operates its own software as well as its own data pipeline with all associated programs and code.

Damage, accidents and theft

In case of damage, accident or theft of the vehicle where the device is installed, is not responsible nor liable for any damage, accidents or thefts.

Any damage or defects of the device must be reported immediately when receiving the device and before the start of the trips with the vehicle. The company will not reimburse any damaged device after it has been utilized in the vehicle.


The user is responsible for subscribing for an insurance for his vehicle if the respective, locally applicable law provides for it. The company is not responsible for the insurance nor liable for any lack of it. The installation of a device from and the use of software provided by does not in any case replace an insurance policy or is to be equated with insurance cover.


If a vehicle is equipped with a device from, accepts no liability whatsoever for damage directly or indirectly connected with the device’s installation or its operation. The installation and all necessary requirements are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Transfer of vehicle

If the owner of the device sells its vehicle to a new owner, the user must inform the new owner that a tracking device is installed on the vehicle and must transfer the ownership of the device to the new owner. There is thus a mandatory duty to inform on the part of the selling owner towards the new owner.

Data protection

The company processes the data related to the users following the provisions of the EU data protection legislation. It is entitled, for the purpose of conclusion of the contract and the processing of the contractual services to process personal data.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. An exception is the case of processing of user data by third parties for scientific purposes and evaluations of the operation. In this case, personal data will only be disclosed in a completely anonymized form.

The own vehicle data can be shared with a professional partner (service, maintenance, manufacturer and other third parties causally related to the vehicle) in restricted form after consent. This will only be used if recognizes a significant added benefit by the user.

Employees in key functions may have partially unrestricted access to any data, if it serves the purpose of development. guarantees that no data will be used for purposes other than those for which it is intended.

Damage, accidents and theft

By concluding a purchase, the buyer confirms the purchase of the hardware device selected by the buyer and the conclusion of a subscription for the use of the software.

The subscription can be cancelled within two weeks after the conclusion. Thereafter, the subscription is automatically renewed on an annual basis with effective date of the day of purchase.

Closing provisions

The company reserves the right to terminate relations with users who do not comply with these terms and conditions, without giving any reasons.

The company is authorized to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes shall be published via the web-dashboard and mobile app and shall apply from that moment on. The users must take note of and approve them.

These terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.


These terms and conditions take effect as of March 2021.