Frequently asked questions

Installation and setup

Where can I find an installation manual?

Everything about the installation of your clickahoy / clickrider computer can be found under

I have not received my personal clickahoy / clickrider ID or can no longer find it.

No problem: Just send us an e-mail to and we will send you a new ID.

How can I install the clickahoy / clickrider computer?

Installing the clickahoy / clickrider computer is easy. Just follow the installation steps in the app or use the manual (you can download it from However, we generally recommend that you have the installation done by a professional: just write us at who is your trusted boatyard / mechanic and we will organize the installation for you. For captains: If your boat is already in the water or if no service is needed, we will send someone to do the installation.

Subscription and services

Will there be more features?

Of course, all our apps and services are constantly being developed and you can look forward to a continuous stream of new features!

I would like to see an explicit feature or have a great idea how to make the clickahoy app even more attractive! Can I contribute?

Awesome! We are looking forward to all your inputs and ideas! Just contact with your idea and we will get in touch with you!

What data is collected by the clickahoy / clickrider computer?

The clickahoy seaborne computer records all GPS-relevant data as well as those data of your vehicle that are connected to it. This depends on what is connected: Battery level in any case, but optionally almost always fuel level plus analysis and evaluation based on that. Temperature and shore power are collected by other sensors, which you can also get from us. You can find more information about how we protect your data under

The data is not displayed correctly on my mobile App

Your data will be updated after about 15-20 minutes after your first trip/ride with the clickahoy / clickrider computer. There is a good reason for this: To save your battery, the clickahoy / clickrider computer reacts on movement or changed critical values (so it can also send you warning signals if necessary). If the data is still not displayed correctly after your first ride, our support will help you at any time at

The fuel level does not seem to be displayed accurately on the mobile app

The fuel level is displayed more accurately with each trip. This is because we can create a new consumption analysis with each trip and each new refueling. So with a little patience, your gauge will be displayed accurately to within a few liters on your app.

What are the prices?

You can find our prices and further information in the order process at

How do I pay my subscription costs?

You will either be charged by the shipyard that installed the clickahoy / clickrider computer or you pay directly by depositing your credit card. You will find all necessary information in the order process at / or in your personal web dashboard. We work together with the payment provider Stripe and can therefore guarantee you maximum security ( never stores your credit card information).

OEMs and professionals

Can the system be used with existing hardware?

Yes, we offer hardware from a preferred supplier but the use of your own hardware is just as possible. Our system is built in such a way that an existing hardware can also be connected through the APIs.

We already have our own app or are looking for a white-label solution. Can I still use

Sure, we can connect existing software apps to our cloud via API as well as customize our existing clickahoy / clickrider app according to your needs (white labeling). Contact us for out-of-the-box ideas, we have a team that is quick at building apps and will gladly assist you for any idea.


Who is behind clickahoy / clickrider?

clickahoy and clickrider are products of, a (powersports) vehicle digitalization company based in Zurich. We offer a one-stop & batteries-included solution for professionals and enthusiasts of vehicles that are more than just a means of transport. Our focus and expertise is on data processing and operating a software architecture tailored to the needs of the powersports market. We rely on engineering and cutting-edge technologies developed in Switzerland.

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