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The maritime technology sector is undergoing rapid evolution, aligning itself with neighbouring industries, particularly automotive. Agile startups are seizing the chance to introduce proven technology and solutions into the marine domain.

Among these startups is, headquartered in Switzerland. This young team has developed a SaaS platform tailored to advancing the next era of powersport vehicles, including boats. Through the introduction of a comprehensive suite comprising cloud-based services, data processing capabilities, a modular software infrastructure, and robust APIs, aims to propel the marine industry forward, mirroring the successful approach that revolutionized the automotive sector.

Unlocking greater intelligence for OEMs

Empowering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is at the core of the product offering. The startup is building a seamlessly integrated platform for real-time vehicle data intelligence and monetizable add-on services through advanced mobile and web aplications.

OEMs rely on access to data for various critical purposes. Engineering data is indispensable for refining designs and product development, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring the production of reliable products. Real-time data is also essential for predictive maintenance, and has been proven to effectively reduce downtime for end users. Additionally, reliable data facilitates performance monitoring, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and supports remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for an enhanced customer service experience.

The need for data and remote monitoring solutions is becoming increasingly important with the rise in electric boats. Sensors on electric boats provide insights into productivity and usage, including load and battery capacity details, battery temperatures, cooling temperatures, and more. To meet and satisfy consumer demands around electric boating, the integration of various technologies, including remote monitoring, warning systems, and dashboard monitoring, is crucial and harnessing data will play a pivotal role, for both electric and fuel powered drives.

Revenue diversification as an added bonus

Whilst data can help ensure competitiveness for OEMs in an increasingly saturated marketplace, it can also be used to drive additional revenues. By connecting the OEM with its partners (dealers and service partners) and end customers on one platform and via its own dedicated cloud, gives OEMs the opportunity to build their own SaaS business case.

For example, OEMs can bundle their own subscription packages, have end customers unlock add-on features or sell custom functions to their dealers and partners. In addition, various communication functions can be used to share customer-specific offers. This results in a monetisation of the platform and OEMs can therefore implement a revenue diversification strategy by leveraging the software infrastructure.

Major industry players onboard


In a pivotal partnership that emerged in August 2023, Torqeedo, the global leader in electric mobility on water, joined forces with Together, Torqeedo and are developing smart motors and a product that will elevate electric boating to unprecedented heights, accelerating the adoption by easing concerns around maintenance and performance. Improving the user-friendliness, convenience, and enjoyment of electric boating will hinge on how OEMs and boat brands are able to leverage insights from data, and make decisions accordingly.

"At Torqeedo, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine electric propulsion on water," remarks Thomas Wiedemann, Senior Vice President Global Program Management at Torqeedo. "By joining forces with, we can now provide boaters, commercial operations, and fleet managers with a more user-friendly and connected experience, paving the way for a more innovative, emission-free future."

In January 2024, an agreement to purchase the shares of Torqeedo was signed by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. The agreement is subject to the usual regulatory approvals and is expected to be closed at the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Frauscher Boats

Similarly, Frauscher Boats, renowned for its handcrafted boat manufacturing, has embraced's cloud solutions to usher in a new era of smart boats. "Our collaboration with represents a paradigm shift in the boating industry," says Florian Helberger, Director Sales & Marketing at Frauscher Boats. "Through seamless connectivity and comprehensive software systems, we are empowering our Frauscher owners with real-time data and unparalleled convenience, setting a new standard for boating excellence."

Aside from these existing collaborations, is also having partnership discussions with many other well-known industry players. Founder of, Christian Fehr, commented: โ€œThe approach of bringing together complementary capabilities is becoming well established. We see many OEMs recognising the value of focusing on what they are good at, such as building the most powerful engines or the most sleek boats. At we focus on what we are good at and that is software and data, which also convinces the industry.โ€

In addition, various smaller and up-and-coming companies such as E-FALKE, E-SSENCE and BeTriton are already using's services and benefiting from packages tailored to the needs of small and growing companies.

Looking ahead

As the intelligent boating market matures, is clearly establishing itself as a frontrunner, thanks to its cutting-edge product offerings and strategic collaborations with major industry players. With ongoing product developments and prospective strategic alliances on the horizon, is paving the way for a future where seamless connectivity and data-driven decision-making will be as integral to boating as it currently is in the automotive realm.

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