New website is online

by Dominik
We revamped the backend of our homepage and added a blog!

We reworked the complete backend of our homepage to be more independent from the rest of our systems, and thus to move faster and keep you updated at all times!

In the future, we will post articles on the following topics here:

  • Insights about our technology: What we use (and how!), what we develop, what we envision, our open source contributions, and more.
  • Presentations of our products and services: This might be to explain something in more detail, or announce something new, or to highlight use cases and pricing options.
  • Introductions of people working together with us or at itself.
  • Our vision for the future of powersports (and vehicle IoT and digitalization in general).

Come back regularly, or subscribe to our newsletter (at the very bottom of this page) or our Twitter channel, where we'll announce new blog posts.