Fabio Magagna in the spotlight

by Dominik
Get to know Fabio Magagna, Co-Founder and President of the Board of c.technology

There is not much Fabio Magagna does not do: From being a product manager at Google / YouTube, having a PhD from the renowed university ETH Zurich, over founding, advising and investing in startups, to being an avid pilot, boat captain, and classic car driver.

It should thus not come as a surprise that he was at the very forefront when we founded the precursor to c.technology, a boat sharing platform called Ship-Ahoy. At the time, Fabio would share his own boat with friends, and occasionally rent one when being at another lake.

When we newly founded c.technology Inc. in order to lead boating and the powersports market into a digitalized future, he was on board as an investor, advisor, and occasionally even as a helping hand for various tasks. While the latter has diminished over the last years, he currently acts as our most trusted advisor and the president of the board of c.technology.

His daily business consists of heading the YouTube copyright division, a critical part of YouTube that automatically detects copyright infringements and offers mechanisms to resolve related issues. In a recent article, NZZ describes his role as intermediary between content creators and copyright holders - his (and his team's) algorithms provide a crucial part in how widespread YouTube is, and how it was possible to build trust relations with the entertainment and music industries.

Find the complete article here (German, requires paid subscription): Article at NZZ

Image: NZZ (from linked article)